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zillas or laws

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trying to decided between the outlaws and the mudzillas which wear better and which have better traction and how much of a weight difference is their between them thanks
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i personally like the outlaws better then the zillas both are good i just think that the laws pull better thats just a matter of opinion though
I think they are both Excellent tires but I would go with the Zillas, I like the tread pattern on them and I like the whitewall design on the side.
I run Zillas in the front and Laws in the back. Nothing churns through water muck like the Laws, but the Zillas seem to climg better out of holes for me.

Zillas are a bit heavier, yet are easier to turn over in the mud. My Zillas show less wear, but the Outlaws turn a lot more since most of the time I am in 2wd.
can you put the 9.5" wide tires on a 9" wide rim or will they not fir
Most rims are 12x7. And folks run 12" wide tires on them all day. The only problem in the front w/ "overly" wide is rubbing when turning the tires. 9" fit most bike w/o probs, some bikes rub w/ 9.5" or bigger.
iv got 9 1/2s on my front... i have little to no rubbing in the front.
ok so i can fit t 12 wide tires on my 10 wiede factory wheels
Yes, you can fit 12s on stock wheels.
get the bi/tri claws. only better tire is laws, but they beat you to death on trails. Where the claws are almost as smooth as stock.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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