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zero deck?

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I'm planning my engine build up and have a question for anyone who's had the 450 motor appart. With the head off and the piston at TDC, is the piston right at the top of the cylinder or is it slightly down in the hole?

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Robb will be the one to def tell you that. he has had his apart before to bore it out. On my honda race car motor the piston would be all the way up.
Thats a good question, I cant see that I payed enhough attention to remember how it was
all the way at the top pull off the timing screw by the pull rope and put the t on the flywheel right in the middle of the hole. Hope this helps. Lata
yeah, I think hes wanting to know, with the piston at TDC, is it down in the cylinder, or flush with the top of the cylinder.
Hubby says: "TDC is Top Dead Center". Topped out.
no....some motors when at TDC, the piston is flush with the deck, and some motors at TDC the piston sits in the hole a little. He wants to know how the Foreman motor is.
i just tore mine apart i am almost positve it is because the rings stop about 1/8 of an inch fromthe top of the sleeve i believe it is flush
OK thanks for the info.
The stock piston is a flat top but only nets 8.5:1. That leads me to think the combustion chamber on this motor is pretty darn big.

just turn the motor over by hand and see where the piston starts to go back down that gonna be the highest point.
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