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You Probably Never heard this one... ???

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Ok, when im using my bike at night with my lights on (the 3 regular lights)
when im shifting gears it goes fine from 1 to 5 but its impossible to downshift, so when i immobilise the bike i still cant downshift but when i close the lights, it then downshift perfectly. It is not a coincidence, it does that every time. Could the energy taken from the lighting system doesnt
leave enough "juice" for the shifting motor ??? but only the downshift part ????? Notice that i never have this prob. in the day time with no lights on. Anyone ever heard of this situation ???
Thank you
Foreman TRX450ES 1998
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You will have to check the charging system .. Bike should put out 14.7-15.5 volts at 5000 rpm...
yup check your battery a friend of mine has one its a weak battery
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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