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Yes, another ruby question

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Hey guys, what's up? I'm looking at getting a 05 Rubicon, Is there and known common problems with this bike? Also the D1 and D2 which is which, I mean what does 1 do and what does 2 do? One last thing, Is the tranny on the 05 and bad as they were when they first came out?

Sorry for the questions.. Just curious

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there used to be problems with the tranny but i think it is all updated and fine now. when i dropped the tranny out of my 03 i got all the updated parts(i beleave i got the 05 parts) and everything was fine after that. i never ran in auto on my rubicon, i never liked how it shifted. the D1 is used for speed, and the D2 is used for torqe. i think the new rubicons have all the bugs worked out of them and are good to go. if you do go on to buy the rubicon i would give it a test drive first. i never really cared how the auto felt on it so i would make sure you liked it before you bought it. some people like it and some people dont.
I hate CVT transmissions, but love the Rubi automatic. And you shouldn't be too concerned, because many people sya the Rubicon has the best overall transmission in any ATV, period.

good luck
the D1 is used for speed, and the D2 is used for torqe.
Is it just me...or is this backwards? My 01 has less speed in D1. Atleast I think it does.

Just curious...what have been the tranny problems of the early Rubi's. I haven't had any problems with mine...yet.
i dont think it was really the trannys that were giving people trouble, it was the oil pumps. i know of some rubicons including mine that fried the trannys because of the oil pumps were not pumping enough oil. if you get your 4wheeler serviced at the shop i would recomend you to let them check the pressure since you do have a older one. i always do my service work so thats why i didnt know about my pump. sorry i should of worded that a little different, i didnt mean for it to sound like the trannys were the problem.
thanks guys, also my friend had a.. Not sure on the model but it was older and he had 27's on it and it kept on messing up his speed sensor. I want to put my 27's off my 450 on the Rubicon, Do they have that all worked out now, or do they still not like having the big wheels on them? I want to be able to ride and not have any problems.. that i can help anyway haha.
I have 5700 miles on my and never one issue
with the transmission

I ride it all year long from temps over 100° in the
summer to below freezing in the mountians for
a little running in the snow

The best part of this transmission is it's like
having three machines in one and it changes
as my riding style does...Thats what I'm talking about !
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