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"Yep she's mad at me"

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She was double mad at me yesterday, she got pulled out of a big hole by a poo poo. I was not close enough to anything to use the winch. She bucked me right the F#%* off! I was fishtailing in this nice big mud slick about 4 inches deep and hit a rut of somekind and rolled right over and slamed me on the ground on my sholder. Sholder is still sore but I'll be fine. Luckly my frinds and I got it back on it's wheels before my wife got there. The only thing on the foreman that got hurt was the right break handle. It's not hurt just turned down alittle.
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Yup....Don't mess with a " SCORNED WOMAN ".. It will take alot of time to earn her trust back...At least thats what my wife keeps telling me.. Ha Ha Ha
HAHAHAHA. And our wifes are always right!!!
i did the whole rut thing not too long ago, but i went over the front and the right front tire ran over my chest...yes you read it correctly. my front brake handle was bent in the opposite direction. nothing a little muscle couldn't fix. but i was lucky, i only had some bruising...still hurts though
heh, mine didn't run over me it landed on me haha, funny now, but i wasn'tt laughing then(due to bruised ribs lol)
i aint rolled mine yet but my father rolled over back wards on him and my sister while trying to climb a gravel pile from about a dead stop in 2 wheel drive
yeah my wife and sister did the same wife now has a pretty "L" shaped scar on her forehead... my own little "harry potter"...

yep done that too darn ruts filled with mud
I seemed to have developed a habit of when I pull the right brake handle, I seem to push the throttle at same time. This has happened a few times. My last time was in the garage, and rammed into my wifes Buick. Just got the hood fixed from dumping a small utility trailer for my Honda on the same hood and grill. Now get to rebuild the hood again and this time, the left fender also. Wife wasn't happy at all. Got to learn to stay away from throttle while braking. Honda didn't even get a scratch, but the Buick will be about $800 and just got hood fixed 3 months ago.
my father and sisters only have scratches and bruises

its kind of funny how well them tires dig into the rocks then the front aint engaged this kind of pissed my off to cuz a few months ago when the pile was like 50 foot high not the current 25 a quad bike got up there real fine but he had a better speed when he tried it when he did get up there he high centered it though
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