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year problem

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hi guys, need some help desperatly,please 450 foreman s is about to get some upgrades(suspension lift and some hl springs and 4x2x4 in 2 weeks)and i cant wait.heres the problem,it was bought 2nd hand,the guy said it was 2001 or 2002.the lift kits are up to 01 then from there a way to tell from looking at her.2nd prob,the biggy the vin is too rusted too make it all out.can anyone help a mudder out?thanks
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well if dont have an ownership or n e thing. if you r puting a 424 in it then it shoulod be an 01 cuz im sure in 02 they came stock with it .
yeah the 2002's came standard with the 2wd/4wd selector switch...
thanks very much guys,uve made a 32 year old boy very happy,if ever i can help dont hesitate to ask
I have an 02 and it was full time. I installed the 4-2-4 and it works great.
I have an 02' and it is selectable
same here.. mine is a 02 and its selectable.
are you sure you didn't buy a left over 2001 in 2002? A lot of people make that mistake. Just look at the sticker on the frame, should be around the front bash plate, it will say the year. I'm not sure about the older Honda's but I know there is a sticker on the frame under the seat also, it says TRX650FA5, the last number is the last number of the year. 2005. I'll have to check the 350 to see if its like that too.
The TRX450 had selectable 4wd starting in 2002 ...
i didnt know about the stickers ill have a look as soon as it stops raining(england,doh!)thanks its been a head doer
cant wait to get the warn 4x2x4,ordering next weekend.ill let u know how i get on
QUOTE ("hondarog":3f46lv3t)
cant wait to get the warn 4x2x4,ordering next weekend.ill let u know how i get on
I have one I may let go, so let me know before you order. I ended up with a 2002 that has 2x4 selectable.
You will love the 424 Kit... Put one on my Rubicon few weeks ago, now I enjoy riding it more than the Rincon. At least for now, until the thrill wears off.
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