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Yami rims

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Do yamiha rims fit the honda or is the bolt patern different
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They (utility models) use a 4/110 bolt pattern as well.
chekc the offset of the wheels i don't remember what it is? but i cannot fit a set of griz rims on my foreman.
correct. the SRA and IRS quads use different offsets, but SRA Yami wheels will worck on a Foreman. And Grizzly/Rhino wheels will work on a Rinny.
the sra yama rims will fit the foreman 450, there is alittle difference in the offset. Also the rims and tires will set further in under the fender on the foreman, but will work fine. I ran a set with 27x12-12 claws on all four corners with big bear rims for awhile. The big lugs tires only rubbed the exhaust when the shocks where completely compressed. Just enough to shine the medal guard.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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