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Howdy. I finally got a fourwheeler. Picked it up Friday night. Its a yellow 2004 450S Foreman. It has 1,600 miles on it. I think I got a pretty good deal on it at $3,200. The only thing wrong with it is the brake light wont come on. The tail lights work fine and I have to adjust the carb a little. The guy had it in Colorado elk hunting in October. They adjusted the carb a little trying to get it to run better at altitude and didn't reset it after coming back. She doesn't want to idle without the choke being on partway. I have wanted a fourwheeler for ages. I have looked at a lot of atv's and have wanted a Honda for ages. My father has a 1988 foutrax 300 that still runs as good as the day he bought it. He has used it for forest fires and search and rescue. He has been a voluteer fireman in New York for decades. It has brought uncountable numbers of deer out of the woods. I remember going down a trail with two of us on the machine pulling two deer behind it on his 300. Hondas are tough. My father said on the phone the other day, "My machine has more miles in reverse than most peoples have going forward. Buy a Honda"! Well, I got one and can't wait to get out and ride it. Any suggestion or helpfull hints would be appreciated. I Need a trailer now to pull her around. Got a buddy with a Polaris who is anxious for us to get out and ride. In Minnesota we have terrific amounts of trails and woods to ride on. Glad to finally be part of the group. Thanks, Randy
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