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Xtreme-products disc brakes rule!!!

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I got an 2004 Rubicon just installed a disc brake conversion from Xtreme-products, these things rule
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It's nice to have better brakeing power...Congratz..
The Extreme brake kit and the DGL are by far the 2 best mods I have done to date!!!!! Wait unitl they seat, the stopping will be even better!!!
Ok this one is new on me what in the heck are yall talkin about?? You can convert to disk breaks??? No more "slippage"?
Yep a great disk brake kit. Here is the website

Call Matthew at , he will give you the best price on this kit!!
Heck ya I did mine and a friends Rubicon, and am planning on doing the rear brake with this guy gets them figured out, love his products,
what happens when the pads wear out?????
When they wear out, you can order new pads. They are about $65.00 to replace, and it only takes about 20 mins or so to do it.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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