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sunday we went riding on the way home my foreman started sounding funny got way loud soundin pulled over couldn't really see and thing eased it home got to lookin and the is a big hole in the side of my HMF pipe will upload some pics tomorow my question is will i have to buy a new one or will they do anything about it like a defective materials or something
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it doesn't look like anything hit it, theres no bends in it that I can see. Clean it up alittle and make sure its not plugged up and bring it somewhere and have a patch put on it. It should be made of alum. if I'm not mistaken.
email them and tell them about it, i had a supertrapp that broke and i emailed them and they fixed it for free, but it had a one year warranty so that helped alot. if you do end up sending it in make sure it is super clean because if it is dirty they think it was abused.
Clean the pipe up really good then get on HMF's forum and sign up then post your problem with cean pics. The guys from HMF are usually on there everyday to answer questions. You could call them but they will have a better understanding if they have pics. Here's the link to the HMF forum.
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they will tell you that either your bike was running to lean and the heat caused the hole to blow through..or you have gotten your pipe wet on the inside and the packing desolved and the heat got to the outside of your pipe and melted it..they usually won't help you out in this situation much..this happens regularly due to the 2 situations i listed..but i would try..they may come through for ya..
thats crazy, what did HMF say?
i just tig welded it back together at work put a big patch and a large bead around it looks funny but works
Vaughn had the end bolts loosen on his... and when he went to fix it, he broke it. Then he found out that HMF would have replaced it for free... Hmmm... Hind site...20/20
i needed it for last weekend but now i need all the crap i bust and bent when i rolled it over sunday
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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