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Wrong HMF Pipe ??? Have a look!!

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Man sometimes things just go the sh*t's for yeah !! Decided to get that Pipe on tonight, had to wrestle with every little thing (bike only has 46 hrs), Anyways . this Pipe just doesn't "fit" , clearences look good everywhere . except the pipe is acually touching my rear spring/shock !!! Just looking for your input , guys ........ the whole set up doesn't even flow with any of the Bikes lines, form etc . Kinda "**** eyed the way it exits the rear ,,, It kinda takes it own line ..... i'm not to impressed . This is the performance "utility" pipe !!
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is there any flex in the pipe itself, you may be able to install a 1'' bushing behind the muffler mount. The bushing should move it out enough to clear the spring and also center it up coming out the rear. The rear shot you have posted looks as if the muffler is pushed against the frame.
Hey D4man, was thinking about a spacer , but then it brings the pipe too close to the main frame where the pipe enters the wheel well area, all clearences are good , Except, the shock/spring,....also thought of just re tig welding the mount ...... but i paid for a pipe to fit , not a bargain anne . custom fab.... But the pipe itself is #1 quality wise i checked my order info as well .... i'll just e-mail highlifter, and see what solution we can come up with . Tough to get all angles with camera But it also seems too low in the wheel well, and exits the rear, on a strange angle towards the center of the bike then the tip is all monged up too!!
Another picture, i have the whole system in factory position , not much room for adjustments , only 1 position really , with even clerances. ............ Also out here (island) never being in canada , by the time i ship this off , and await the return of a new pipe , which i'm thinking will probably happen, i'm looking @ 2-3 weeks....YIKES
Man that sucks, hopefully HL will have something good to say. It might also be a design problem with the exhaust, I have a friend with an Arctic Cat that got the HMF and we had to mod the mounts for it to line up and seal off.
Yeah , especially gett'n all horny and happy to see it come together , then blamo... curves be'n throw at yeah , you spend the $$$$ to avoid this kind of situation !! But as they say **** just happens, thanks for ur input
Did you specify that your bike was an 07 when you ordered it?? I think there is some difference but I may be wrong!

From your pics it looks like you are missing the rubber vibration bushing that should be between the pipe mounting flange and the frame. Try taking the one off of your stock pipe and using it. I am 99.9% sure this will solve all the fitment issues.
Hey Guys , i tried with the spacer /dampener , it made the pipe touch the main frame riser @ the front of the rear wheelwell, all i do is sit and stare at it waiting for it .. to jump into place ( hasn't yet) , also as i've written up ^^^ there earlier , doesn't it seem too low in the wheel well /opening, almost beside the tire !! Also jgb_500 yes i did order properly, i even checked like 3 times, I'm wondering if i have a pipe that fits the earlier style foremans??, maybe some kind of pipe/box / label mismatch ?? I've forwarded all pics to Highlifter, hopefully soon i will hear something. Any more ideas??? Apprieciated John Also Dave .. any pics of ur ride with that Swamp Series ??? ty
The only other thing I can think of is to loosen the header pipe up front on the head and roll it up a little, this will also push the header pipe out some. By looking at the picture's I can't tell if you have the room to do this or not. good luck and hope you get it taken care of.
OK.... well dirty 4 man , you nailed it , since my last post thats what i have been doing , trying to move that header flange justa weee bit, and i got it finally along with a few tense moments (i love a challenge), anyways between that header flange, and cutting part of the HMF rear welded mount , and almost a 2" spacer (tried a few from 1/2" -2") i'm satisfied now with the fit, i just have to get the rear mount now tig'd up.... here's some pics ... let me know what you guy's think !!!!
A Couple BEFORE /AFTER shots....... the pipe is still very close the main frame , but hopefully be ok , i would "dent" the frame before i would "dent" the Pipe !! and also i have now running parallel with the tire/frame
When I got my exhaust for my '05 it was the same way. I loosened the header while mounting the HMF. I too figured I was missing some kind of spacer but I just improvised. Had some 1/2~5/8" thick rubber exhaust spacers on hand and put 2 of them in. I had to use the stock exhaust bolt, the one they sent was the wrong threads. I know your frustration, glad you got it!
That realy looks alot better I may need you to come to ga to help me with mine when i get it.
I wouldn't mind swamp rat .. **** yeah ,, and thanks .. it flows with the form of the bike .... ** Also Bigvick ... and 928GT , did you recieve a spacer with your pipe?? In the box , along with no instructions , there was 2 bolts (shorty's) but came in "fine" and "coarse" threads , an allen key , which i have no clue to what it is supposed to fit and the screen and "t" bar clamp ... Just wondering what it is , that you are "supposed" to recieve ? Anybody ??
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