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wrecked and now blowing fuses

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i flipped my foreman monday night towing in a rincon. dislocated my shoulder and a few others scrapes and things.

that night i got it running again and tried driving it back until it shut down completely. i check the fuses and one had blown and changed it out.

today i finally went out to pick it up and it blew another fuse, it is the 30 amp main fuse. ive looked up and down and cant find any damage other than cosmetic.

anybody have any ideas as to what my problem could be. i have plenty of time it will probably be 2-3 weeks maybe more before i can ride again.

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Well for starters, I am glad you aren't seriously hurt, second.. That " Towing a Rincon " hurt my persons..Ha Ha ... But seriously, did it land in water that may have gotten into the wireing harness?
when it flipped it was on a gravel road. i was in a lot of mud earlier but know problems till it flipped. i just cleaned it up real good and looked at all the wiring harnesses that could have been involved and they all looked good.

the rincon was a camo efi with a broken throttle cable. he said the air box had mud in the bottom of it. it runs now nothing major, but he wont do a snorkel on it. it is just good insurance ya know, just in case.
I am sorry...I am guessing now...Umm.. I wouldn't even know where to start. I would maybe think a stripped wire that may be grounding out, that may be blowing the fuse.. but where I don't know
dang buddy, glad to hear your ok, the guy you were towing is he the one whos scared of anything not solid.
QUOTE ("Flip 500":435zl53t)
dang buddy, glad to hear your ok, the guy you were towing is he the one whos scared of anything not solid.
no he aint that bad all the time. he did have a chick on the back and she wanted some mud. i guess that is how he got the mud in the air box. but he will play some. have you put a snorkel on yet?
nope not yet i been meanin to call but with work and bridgettes mom passing i've been real busy, i might get a chance over the weekend, I'm off the entire week of the 16th if not
sorry to hear about your girls mom. my condolences. i may try to ride this weekend. im on std from work for 2 weeks at least. id hate for someone to see me having fun. give me a call if you want and ill help ya get it on. go ahead and get a pipe and jets and we can do it all at once. ill take some pics tomorrow and post them. i broke off the snorkel when i rolled it the other night. will fix tomorrow
Sorry to hear the passing of her mother Flipp.. Let me know if there are any pics I can send to help the installation for ya'll...

Sounds like when you flipped it the battery may have made contact with the frame and burned something up. I would check that and make sure it's ok.
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