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would you run 28" outlaws or zilla's

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running 27"589, 2" snorkel, dynojet kit, hmf muffler

dont want to bog down in the mud if i switch to 28" outlaw or 28" zillas
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clutch kit definetly would need to be installed....
Zillas and clutch kit.
I had 28 Zilla's with the pipe and KN and had it properly jetted with the Rubicon Iridium spark plug.If you had momentum it would go trough anything,but if you came to a stuck position it could barely turn the tires.I then put a HL clutch kit and that helped it out alot in crawling mud conditions,were before it would be bogging.I def rec the Mudzilla's over Outlaws anyday of the week,they clean out better,ride smoother,and they don't dig you down to your floorboards when you floor the gas.This is just my personal opinion,I found the Outlaws would just dig my 450 straight down in thick mud,the Mudzilla's had a better ability to crawl across mud in low gear without spinning out.Good luck in your choice.
I would definitely chose the 28 inch laws over the mudzillas. The outlaws will out pull the mudzillas in pertty much every situation.
I would also pick the outlaws.

oh yea outlaws they rock
This tire topic depends on the type of area and mud you're riding in.In S.Fl everyone that has had Outlaws get rid of them in less than a month.The mud down here is thick and has no bottom,the Laws just dug us straight down to the floorboards when accelerating.The same bikes with the same 28's but Zilla's we crawl through the same holes and the tires don't even pack up at all.We found out that the Laws work great in mud that has water in it to clean the tires.I personally think they designed them in their area and based them on their test grounds(watery orange clay mud).Well I'm not being a hater because they are a great tire but they couldn't hang with the Zilla's on my older 450ES,every tire has it's place and it just takes some experimenting to your conditions!!
I think what J450 said couldnt be more true. I think our conditions in the orlando/melbourne area are great for the laws, we mostly have watery mud that usually has a bottom, althought its usually pretty mucky in places. But we did find some thick stuff this weekend, that trapped the laws, my claws, and mudbugs, I dont think anyone would have made it through that. Its all about the conditions you ride in.
There's alway's some hole that will eat any quad,no matter what tire you have or how bad your bike is.I found out that in Central Fl and down to Palm Beach area you have alot of water crossings just like RiverRanch does in the muddy areas.I was big on Mudbugs for that type area untill they redesigned the tread on 27 and 28,the Outlaws are great in that type of area also.When it comes down to the thick everglades muck that has weeds and hydrilla built into it, I feel the Mudzilla's are superior due to the depth and length and low count of lugs in the design,the second choice are the 27 Magnum Bi/Tri claws,and then comes the open tread of the 26" Mudbugs.But just like Rob said,everyone gets stuck no matter what you ride.Later guy's.
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