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would you install a clutch kit

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I'm thinking of installing a clutch kit need some fead back don't know anyone that is running one. Thinking of putting 28" outlaws on and want to make up for the power loss. Even if i dont go with the 28 more power is always welcome
running: 2"snorkel, dyno jetkit, [email protected] air filter hmf exhaust, 1"lift, 27" 589

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everyone here who has installed one has praised it, check out the thread in the How-To section for some tips.
Do it , but take your time doing it or it will get frustrating
You are not going to "add" any power or recover a power loss due to oversixed tires w/ a clutch kit. The clutch kit will only help off the line or from a stop to get the tires turning in the mud, by delaying the clutch engagment around 500 RPM. Once the clutch has engaged there is no difference.
Don't get me wrong it is a worthwild investment. I just don't want you to buy one and go throught the hassle of installing it, if it is not what you are expecting.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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