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Would this Dynomax work instead of Tractor muffler?

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was looking around for some cheap exhaust to upgrade my stock setup on my 02 foreman 450 S and ran across this

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... oduct_feed</a>

it has 1 3/4" inlet and outlet

Was wondering if anyone has used one on a ATV yet ?
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Hey Max. Never seen one on a quad but will pretty loud if you do. Plus not sure about spark arresting in that pipe, in case you ride some parks they may not allow it.

Let us know if you do install one.

would that muffler fit
it will with some mods like they do with the tractor mufflers people have been using

I ordered one and will be putting it on in a few weeks. ill post pics and a review once i have it done.
i have seen where people put glass packs on 4wheelers, tractor mufflers, glass packs, and what your getting are pretty much the same thing. i had a tractor muffler and i loved how it sounded.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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