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Would anyone benefit from a How-To on valve adjustment?

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Well I seen alot of people asking when it needs to be done and all, personally mine started ticking around 30 hours of ride time, or just over 175 miles.

I already have everything apart so I can get to the valve covers (removing parts of fenders, gas tank etc) but I haven't done the valves yet 'cause my hands are numb from the cold weather.

Soo, I figured before I go and put everything back together I could snap some pictures of the "tear-down" (I'd take pics as I put it back together and use them backwards) and a quick little step-by-step guide.

I don't wanna spend the extra time taking pictures and typing it up if alot of people know how to, so I wanna hear from you guys on whether or not I should make it. Heck I know I would have liked to see what I was getting into before I did it!
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Finished product is now in the How-To forum. Great work.
King of the Ozarks, PM me your mailing address, please. We have to hook you up for work like this.
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