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worst of the 500 class

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I read on one website that all of the top manufactures where asked to submit their best ATV in the 500 class for a shoot out. Honda's entry was their Rubicon. The results were has follows:

1. Was the Suzuki's 450 King Quad
2. CanAM 500
3. Polaris 500
5. Yamaha's 450 Grizzly
6. Artic Cat's 500
7. Honda' Rubicon

The what they said about the honda was "As for our last-place finisher, the Honda, there are several things that make the machine feel really dated, despite the GPS display next to the instrumentation.

The engine is smooth and without a hiccup, and it gets high scores in the areas of stability and handling thanks to flat cornering.

While it handles well in most trail conditions, the suspension and brakes are badly in need of an update, regardless of how many Rubicons are sold. It would also benefit from a driveline upgrade to a locking differential to pull it through what its bottom-of-the-class ground clearance cannot.

Contributing Editor Jerrod Kelley said it best: “A rider will have to weigh this quad’s minuses (rough, small, slow, boring) vs. its pluses (name, reliability and tranny).â€
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I think Honda could do better with the Foremans. They could also do better with the Ranchers, the Recon, and the Rincon. Even the TRX sport quads could use some upgrading. But, all the other manufacturers could do better also with their models too. Hondas are reliable, sturdy, and tough. Most people don't go out and get thier ATV's for a specific purpose. They see ads on the internet, commercials on tv for super powerful, super fast quads with 100 horse power V-twin motors and asume those are the quads that they should buy. They just don't know what they're getting into, and a lot of them end up selling their quads a few months after they bought them because they are just too much. I myself got a Rincon because it is a sport utility ATV. I can blaze through the trails with a sporty feel, with plenty of power to climb hills and do wheelies and whatever else (watch my youtube vids). But, if I need to do work, it will work. I do wish it had adjustable suspension, less vibration, little more stock ground clearence, but I can work around that. I got the Rinny because I knew what I was getting myself into, because i've been around a few of them.
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We used to have a polaris dealer near me, and then it went out of business. Now I have no idea where the nearest one is.
What kind of sport bike do you ride? I think anything over 400cc is perfect for adults and most teens. I can rip around on my Z400 like its a race bike, yet putt around on it like an old man all day long. And when I say old man, I mean OLD man. Someone in their 80's, not some of you old guys that can still hammer like their young, lol.
My daughter has a recon wth a pipe and a different air filter. It was "zippier' than our Rancher ES 4x4.

Isn't a recon a 250 EX with utility plastic and racks??
I sure miss my old Recon. You guys would just about **** your pants at some of the stuff I used to do on that thing. Too many close calls, near deaths to name. Glad I got those days outta my system before I moved to machines with real power.

I am pretty sure they are the same, motor and chassis wise. The newer 250EX/X models use a sport clutch. Its like a manual clutch, that won't stall out when the rpm's are low.
I wouldn't mind having a Renegade 800. But, for the price of one of those I could get a SxS RZR.
When I went to buy a quad, it was between the Kingquad 750, Grizzly 700, the Rincon. The Rincon was the only one had I had experience with, and the dealership gave me the best deal on that because it was 2 years old.
Only thing I dont like about the can-ams and I know this because my buddy used to race GNCC nationals for them and he told me this is why he dropped the factory ride...... The frames break all the time! He said he lost a few races dure to his frame snapping, and even races he finshed good in he would still see a cracked frame. Thats my only infor on those, noody runs'm out my way.
Thats understandable to me. That is a lot of weight to be jumping and riding as hard as you can. Even the 350-400lb sport quads will crack and break frames from time to time. I know in order to race my Z400 I'd probably have to gusset the frame.
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