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worst of the 500 class

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I read on one website that all of the top manufactures where asked to submit their best ATV in the 500 class for a shoot out. Honda's entry was their Rubicon. The results were has follows:

1. Was the Suzuki's 450 King Quad
2. CanAM 500
3. Polaris 500
5. Yamaha's 450 Grizzly
6. Artic Cat's 500
7. Honda' Rubicon

The what they said about the honda was "As for our last-place finisher, the Honda, there are several things that make the machine feel really dated, despite the GPS display next to the instrumentation.

The engine is smooth and without a hiccup, and it gets high scores in the areas of stability and handling thanks to flat cornering.

While it handles well in most trail conditions, the suspension and brakes are badly in need of an update, regardless of how many Rubicons are sold. It would also benefit from a driveline upgrade to a locking differential to pull it through what its bottom-of-the-class ground clearance cannot.

Contributing Editor Jerrod Kelley said it best: “A rider will have to weigh this quad’s minuses (rough, small, slow, boring) vs. its pluses (name, reliability and tranny).â€
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Post your resource. I wanta see where you found this info
I have been riding Honda since 1979 my first was a 79 110 three wheeler no suspension, brakes on rear axle, chain drive things have come along way! the first Yahama three wheeler that we saw was a tri moto 175 the most uncomfortable thing i ever tried to ride. we dragged it out of the wood on the second day he rode it because the plug worked out of the rear end!
Welcome to the Machine Rusty.....what city are ya from here in the Great state of Tennessee?

their is a lot of us on here from TN, I'm right here at Windrock & Royal Blue, Coal Creek, Brimstone are all together here!........ever get out this way any?

Dover,Southern end of LBL. Glad to be here, there's a lot of knowledge and experience here!
Man you got that right...bunch of great people here!


PS: were mauling over maybe having a get together here in the spring! do you by chance have Google Earth on your PC, if you do I can show you just how "VAST" our trails systems are out here on the East Side!

I agree just not got any type of style what so ever and is just way toobig for real riding.........feels like a over sized Golf Cart!
Yeah I miss the ol 300. I wish honda had a smaller frame 4x4 too. My friend in grade shool had a timberwolf 250 4x4 (hard to find). That thing was INCREDIBLE.
We got a 99 Wolverine that is just Tough as nails, full time 4X4!
I bought my 500 because I rode Lisa's Foreman for a year and it did everything we could put it through ( you guys got to remember I'm still learning, I learn fast, but still learning)

and as far as the wolverine.....that is one Bad azz bike it actually went places the Foreman could not.....because of its smaller size!

AND it had a Severely warped / /.....that bad the front wheels were and went anywhere Lisa wanted it to go (I did a frame swap last fall) , shot I couldn't ride that stupid thing down the road and back & Lisa rode it everywhere .....shes one heck of a woman!B)

but I was riding hers and loved it its simple design, drive shafts and not belts, plenty of power for where we have rode so far, although I would like to have a bit more, But only because of my size......what else could one want to trail ride with?
back in the summer I rode one of the XP850's.holy crap talking about HP, but if you got into it it would squat down what felt like a good 8" or so....that would make me feel uneasy on a steep hill.....but the Quad was Wicked fast ....skeered the crap outta me! :blink:
i rolled my foreman 500 in moab, ut this year. its plastics were shot, the racks were bent. basically it looked like a aluminum can. BUT, i still rode it 7mi back to the trail head. I was beat to **** worse than my quad. if it wasn't for some hippies ridin dirt bikes i would've had to do that little trek smoke free. lol. not one to use it, but it did help the pain. i replaced the stuff that was damaged and i was riding the next week. moral of the story. when told to use ur winch....... USE IT!!!!!!!!
That was the first piece of safety Equipment I bought was a winch after getting to learn how some of these trails can wash out.....etc, and the 2nd one was a First Aid Kit, its kinda like the thread I started what do you carry in your tour box......I picked up a lot of Ideas that was just so simple and right in your face I never thought of it....

but I think the best safety device one can have is your own brain and common sense to know when to its above your pay Grade and not get badgered into stuff!
Impart some knowledge and let me know what the winch does besides pulling you out of a stuck situation? I hear a lot about it but trying not to start mod fever on the quad just yet until I'm a more seasoned rider. This poor topic has gone so off course but I can't help it....
well for one you could pull your Quad up on your truck and not have to ride it...but honestly their is a lot of uses to having a winch, like sspeckerwood said ...or it sounds like if he had used his winch he might have not wrecked.

Ive used mine to pull logs out of my yard & to lift the front end when the wheel bearings were going out on my Quad (I pulled it up a tree so I could check the wheels by shaking them)........I'm sure these other guys have a million other uses that they can post also!

on Lisa's Quad, when we haul it we just let the winch out and pull the front end down .......its not going anywhere after that.
IRS is a consumer driven feature; not because it's superior to SRA.

So when are sport quads going to be equipped with IRS?? What?? IRS doesn't handle better and isn't more stable??

When the going gets tough I'll take an SRA over IRS any day of the week.

But that's just me. ;)
can somebody define....IRS & SRA?

is it independent rear strut & straight rear axle?
I've always understood it as Solid Rear Axle and Independent Rear Suspension
OK...still learning here.......hehehe!

but I was close!
What touring scooter? Honda RUNE?
No the RUNE is a 1800cc engine.

I'm lost too....700?....... 700 what?
This is the Honda Rune........ I Goggled and though you guys were talking about as I don't know much about Honda Street bikes!

but this is a Honda Rune!

yes it was a one year bike, or that's what I'm to share a link or a photo of what your talking about?
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awwww ok..... DN-01....ain't this the honda that come out a few years ago that was fully auto and even fly by wire throttle.......etc?

of so we looked at one of these things before, or a sales man was very excited and had to show it off......cant remember, sleek lines though good looking bike.

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Yea thats it the DN-01 (Do Not Own-1)
their is "NO" chance in me ever owning one! first one I ever seen i though who is the ID-10-T , who come up with this set up

Ive been thinking about selling my '76 Shovelhead ('66-'84) and getting a EVO '84-'00 as their a larger displacement engine & VERY reliable and easly hopped up with bolt on parts if need be, and they also have a wider frame....that would fit my ever growing backside! :lol:

Or my other 2 possible choices are a Goldwing or a BMW...nothing else blows my skirt up!
An older friend of mine has a brother that devolopes the concepts and designs the BMWs. I was never really that into until about 6 years agod when he started telling me about them. I got the chance to ride..... whatever their big touring bike is. Ahh man, heated grips, AC, electronic windshield, those things are amazing, and for all the amenities the price isnt that bad as well.
everything comes down to personal preference.......but for reliability & Durability the BMW has them all beat......their only short coming is they try to keep that cross between street & trail!

And just by looking at them they look like that have a high center of gravity.....which is trick of the eye......their actually very stable
I was never able to kill an evo 84-99. I sure think they have the best rumble. Hey Glide sorry to ask again but how far are you from West Knoxville, there is no doubt I will make it in April, last year it was the diesel nationals that weekend
Aww crap i did it again!....'99 was the first year EVO, but I keep thinking about the balancer in 2000 for some odd reason

I do NOT live West of Knoxville......its DUE North, as you can see below!

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Looks NW to me :lol:
Guess since it's on 75 that's a N/S route hence why you'd say North.
well I'm just not a PC person....LOL

I-75 runs from Mich straight down to Fla, so I am Due North of Knoxville, the parts of I-75 that is jagged....I can do nothing about!:lol:

but yea its right above Knoxville & 26 miles inside on TN after leaving KY.
I was a mod in another forum too.
So was I, and its a big responsibility.....I dont miss it
yea I dont care at all for that one only brake lever......not in the least bit!
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