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worst of the 500 class

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I read on one website that all of the top manufactures where asked to submit their best ATV in the 500 class for a shoot out. Honda's entry was their Rubicon. The results were has follows:

1. Was the Suzuki's 450 King Quad
2. CanAM 500
3. Polaris 500
5. Yamaha's 450 Grizzly
6. Artic Cat's 500
7. Honda' Rubicon

The what they said about the honda was "As for our last-place finisher, the Honda, there are several things that make the machine feel really dated, despite the GPS display next to the instrumentation.

The engine is smooth and without a hiccup, and it gets high scores in the areas of stability and handling thanks to flat cornering.

While it handles well in most trail conditions, the suspension and brakes are badly in need of an update, regardless of how many Rubicons are sold. It would also benefit from a driveline upgrade to a locking differential to pull it through what its bottom-of-the-class ground clearance cannot.

Contributing Editor Jerrod Kelley said it best: “A rider will have to weigh this quad’s minuses (rough, small, slow, boring) vs. its pluses (name, reliability and tranny).â€
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Failed to mention

Bulletproof, no belt, Not stranded in the bush. Need I say More!
That sounds like exactly why I bought mine. Quiet, smooth, tough, reliable, FUNCTIONAL. I needed a good utility bike, and I found the rubicon to be the best. I sold mt "sporty " suzuki because it didn't fit my needs. To me, there are more important things than speed or a locker for the mud, that being QUALITY and reliability, quietness, durability. I looked at every brand, and found nothing compared even close to Honda
Me too. I looked and test rode them all. The only other bike I gave serious consideration to was the Bombardier Can-Am Outlanders, but they were a bit pricier and really more machine than I needed.
Me too. I looked and test rode them all. The only other bike I gave serious consideration to was the Bombardier Can-Am Outlanders, but they were a bit pricier and really more machine than I needed.
look kybmu if you are so unhappy about honda then leave this site and stop complaning to us. most of us bought honda because we did not want our bikes in the shop to often and we like them. so stop trying to shoot down hondas. they may not be the fastist or funist but they are exactly what a lot of us need, reliable work horses.
I take either one of my honda bike any day over the rest.Went out this weekend,Four of us,one a Polaris 330 magnum,We decided to take a break and the kid on the Polaris stopped behind me but not quit fast enough,his plastic bumper hat the back of my Foreman at 5 miles an hour and broke a 8 inch piece of bumber of his bike,the piece under the headlite.
The foreman,had a scratch on it.
The bumber appears to be connected to the front cover as well as the rack/box on the front.All one piece.Thats good designing.
Go Honda.
Quite franky, if my rubicon would have had a IRS, I would have not purchased it. When I purchased mine the solid rear axle was a must!!
IL_Bow_Man is right. When I got the rubi it needed a solid rear axel, for the work it was going to be doing IRS won/t have have gotten the job done. These magizens keep saying to give it a IRS and a locker without realizing the Rubicon is a work bike and that IRS is most work cases is not good enough were as a solid axel is better.
Hey KYBMU I doubt that anyone would go out and buy and F150 FX4 and expect to take it to the track and drag it or put it in an F1 race, And anyone who goes out and buys a Rubicon to use like race bike instead of a work bike like it's intended is just an idiot. If you know so much about ATV's which is what you seem to want all of us to believe, Then why would you go and buy a machine you wouldn't like! Why don't you stop whining and sell it, There lots of people looking for good bikes, I'm sure I speak for alot of the people on this HONDA forum, We like honda if you don't then go to a different forum.
This guys a real piece of.... work.
i dont own a rubi i own a forman, im not hard on it compared to most people, but im not easy on it either. ive never had a problem that has left me in a jam which is why i buy honda. but the way i look at it as long as your not driving a polaris or a kawi your doing alright
if ya dont like honda,you can go pound sand....
QUOTE ("fatsam")
if ya dont like honda,you can go pound sand....
QUOTE ("kybmu":3nznyupx)
...Come On Honda, Make a machine that is more than reliable...
You are the only person I've ever read or heard say that...really. And I drove the Vinson, Sportsman, Foreman, Rubicon, and Grizz in the past two weeks, and I liked the Rubicon the most. If you believe everything the magazines say, you are crazy IMO. I've seen countless magazines do long-term tests with Polaris ATV's, and supposedly never have a single problem. Have you ever owned a Polaris? Because I don't think there is a Polaris made that will go a year without tearing up in some way.
im riding next weekend w/my brother in law and his sportsman 500 h.o. we'll have to see what shes made of.i have other friends w/ polaris,and ive seen many problems through the years....
Yeah, and another thing I noticed when I rode the Polaris is that the handlebars seem really high, and kind of awkward. It wore me out just riding around in the parking lot, because I felt like I was using all my energy holding my arms up in the air. If your brother in law lets you ride it, I'm sure you'll see what I mean.
Im kinda w/kymbu. Honda is reliable hands down. I have a 87 4trax that is still runnuing w/only 1 starter 2 muff. But my 06 rubi has the same wishbone rearend as my 4trax,and the rubi is the slowest in the 500 class. They badly need to update to F/I as mine does "all" the time and has been in the shop 14 times w/fix....its normal they will die sometimes. Please ,then give me back my $$$$ so I can buy a bike that will not!!!!
Well, I respectfully disagree, but you are entitled to your own opinion of course.

One reason I quickly scratched the Rancher 420 off my list was because of the EFI. I just don't know if I like the idea of having to take my ATV to a dealer to have diagnostics run to see what is wrong lol. Until EFI is used in almost every single ATV on the market, I will likely stick with my carburetor so we can work on it ourselves.
You guys know your just giving him what he wants right? Honda knows what they are doing! I have been thinking of getting a Can-Am 800 yeah it's faster maybe funner. But if I get it I'm KEEPING MY FOREMAN so when the can am breaks I will still have something to ride!!!
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