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Workout Ride

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Ok, so I guess I am getting old or soft. After a little while of riding, it becomes a workout on my upper arm muscles. Stiff steering I guess. Don't notice it when riding, but when I stop, feel it for a while. Guess riding serves as a workout? j/k. Don't ride enough though to make it a regular workout. Guess this should serve as a notice to the shape of my body.
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Hang in there... I cant drink until 4am and wake up at 6 am and go to work like I used to do. Don't now if I am geting old...or.....well...getting old. Unless you do it every weekend, you will feel it. We ride every other weekend due to me working every other one. We ride on Saturday, and we are in the Jacuzzi on Sunday so we can fuction on Monday. Just remember ths, As long as you are out riding, thats all that matters. C-Ya on the trails... Shiny side up..
Yea, not about to let it slow me down, just don't seem like it would be that hard on the old body. Guess I need to start looking into finding power steering. Nah, will do just fine, eventually. Still fun with exception of that darn tree that I smashed against. Tree and ATV was just fine though. I finally healed.
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