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Working brake lights??

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Wondering if the new 500 Foreman has working brake lights? Also, any other Honda ATV have working brake lights? Thanks.
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Yes it does, I think most all the new Hondas have working brake lights.
Yea Honda finally jumped on the bandwagon with the brake lights.

It's so nice to have the brake lights, or more importantly that your friends have brake lights. Makes riding alot safer IMO.
Utility models yes all have break lights. Not all TRX models do . Just bought one for my dayghter 2006 TRX 90 and is bare.
trx90 is the only honda w/out brake lites, all other models have had them added in the last couple model years. there are no lights period on any minis from any manufacturer, look at the yamahas and suzukis, no lights. this is our wonderful government working for us. they don't want kids riding at night to keep them safe is the reason i have read in the past. some models are wired for lights so you can easily install them, some are not.
Up until 05 when Honda started installing brake lights standard.. We were putting the optional Honda brake light kits on ,because in a couple of provinces it was law
Yes I just read the CPSC made all the manufactures not put any lights on ATV's designed for kids 12 and under.. If anyone knows of a nandy kit out there that would look good and not a hack job Id love to check it out. Already sent email to a company making nice kits for the Yamaha, Suziki and Bomb. Also if I can ask Honda Mechanic, "Can the stater/alternater in the 2006 TRX 90 handle a 35/45 watt headlight and tail light system?"
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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