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woo-hoo time to put my foreman back together!!

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well the machine shop just 75-over bore is done...the rings are **** i think it was railroader said.."im happier than a 2 weinered goat" time to pick up them parts and start going to town.
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Good luck with the reassemble - did you use a factory honda piston? I had a little trouble getting my cylinder down over the piston, took me a few trys, but the hose clamp over the rings seems to work pretty well.
robb- yup i just ended up buying the factory 75-over.....but ive been so darn busy i still havent finished putting her all back together....but yup i did the same thing a nice big hose clamp did the big did you go on our over bore? i am hoping to notice a little more oomph..did you?
i did a .050 overbore...I cant say that I really noticed much a difference, I guess I need to go try a top speed run, see if that has changed at all.
Whats up guys im new on here i just replaced my stock piston with a wiesco 9.5-1 and it made a difference and it was only stock bore. But now i sunk it again and i will have to bore it a little but im not sure if i should go with a wiesco or stock piston. I am taking my laws off and going to maybe some mudlites or somthing so i dont need a big power increase. What to yall think?
What is the stock compression on those bikes?
if i am correct the stock comp. ratio is 8.2 to 1
Thats what it is i am trying to go back to the most reliable set up i can have.
What had you done that made yours less reliable? Did the Wiseco piston have any negitive effect on reliability?
i had no chose really because when i sunk it i tore up the wrist pin and piston. So i had to put another one and i figured the wiesco would be a better piston which it is it makes the stock one look cheap. I sunk it again with a snorkle on it because i layed it on its side in a water hole. (Stupid huh!) But it messsed upo the sleeve so now i have to bore it. I am thinking about another wiesco pistonwhen i put it back together. The stuff i added which was also a cam and i did a little port and polish and in stead of a 45mph top speed with 26" tsls I got up to 52 with my outlaws the the combination made a difference iven in the stock bore. Thanks
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