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Won't start makes a clicking noise

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Hi everyone.

I have a 2007 Rubicon. Out of the blue the other day it would not start, it would just make a clicking noise.

First thought the battery was dead, so I charged it. Same thing, click noise. The noise comes from the battery area and not from the engine area.

All the headlights and dash lights come on so I don't think it is a power issue, but I could be wrong.

Any ideas??

Thank you very much in advance for your help.
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  • Check all the connections at the battery and solenoid
  • Does it start with the pull start
  • Also, check all the fuses with a test light
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sounds like starter brushes to me
  • The fuses are all good.
  • All the connections are tight.
  • I think it is the solenoid itself that is clicking.

Would that mean its gone?
Like rich said... does it start with pull starter?
Yes it will start when you pull it.
You solenoid is bad.
I would cross the solenoid to double check
Could you explain how to cross solenoid?
take a screw driver and cross the neg and pos connections of the solenoid. It should crank your bike right up.
with the key on ....take a screwdriver and touch both big ends (where the 2 big cable ends attatch )
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When I short the Selonoid it just clicks. The starter does engage?
it clicks and then starts or just turns over????
It just clicks. It does not start or turn over?
I did a couple of searches and if I give the pull cord a little pull it will free up the starter and it will start with the button.

Does this mean the starter itself is screwed?

Are they expensive?
Wont start makes clicking noise

Hello , New to the forum, Just a quick reply to the question, my 02 did the same thing, so when in doubt use a hammer. Crud may build up inside your starter, so gently tap the starter with the hammer and see if that takes care of the problem, it did for me.
Brushes are bad!!!!!! Just replaced one on an 07 foreman es. $21.00 and about 20 min.
Thanks 350x-man, gave the starter a light tap with a hammer and it seemed to free it up. Works great ever since.
Thanks for Everyones input.
Right on...gotta love the cheap fixes
All tapping with a hammer does is vibrate the dust out of the way. your brushes are getting worn, do yourself a favor and replace the brushes. it may work now but eventually it will stop working again, and if you keep putting it off a $20 fix will turn into $200 fix JMO
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