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Wont start and backfiring! Help!

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Purchased a new battery (sealed) for my 98ES in October and ran it a few times during hunting season with everything ok. (my new Honda motorcycle has been getting most of the attention) Put it on a charger last night and this morning it would not crank! Will turn over fine then backfire but nothing else. Low miles and have never had a problem with the bike, ever. Which direction should I go first? Plugs etc? Not as mechanically inclined as most on here but willing to learn. What do you think? Thanks in advance, great forum!
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I'm a liitle confused with your wording.First,you said you put it on a charger and it wouldn't crank,then you say it turns over fine and backfires.I'll assume the engine is turning over (cranking) but won't start.
I'd start with a new sparkplug.Also,if it's been sitting,make sure the gas is turned on and it's not old and varnished.Open up the air box and make sure it's not filled with gas or anything else.
Sorry about the wording. Before I placed it on the charger I tried to start it and it turned over and cranked for about one second then wouldnt crank again. I then placed it on the charger overnight and when I tried to crank it the same thing happened (started then went dead) and after that it would only turn over and backfire (quite loudly I might but not start.
Drain the carb (little screw on the side will open the bowl, ) go over all the electrical, could be a pinched wire, mine did the same thing not to long ago, (crap in the carb), the back fire was extreamly loud, neighbour came over and ask if i was firing my gun... if all else fails, to a dealer she goes, Cosmo..
did you try to pull start it? i sometimes just pull start mine to know that it will still work incase i ever need to use it, also try to keep the crap from building up in the recoil starter and siezing up or id make sure the lil switch on left hand grip is not set to the kill switch, i always set it to off when i leave my bike in the back yard incase someone comes by trying to steal it maybe they would forget to check that...then if all else fails drain carb and if still nothing maybe try pulling ur spark plug out and putting it back into the boot, turn the fuel off and put the threaded end of spark plug up against frame while boot is on other end and press start button, that will tell you if your even getting a spark or not...if no spark replace spark plug
check your postive and negitve and scarp all the corrison off then hook them back up. and they are on the bat..
One more thing, it only backfires when I have the chock pulled all the way out. (at least it seems that way) Not sure if this means anything or not...
ok on the side of the carb is there a little black knob that plushes in if so push it bout 10 times and no choke and see if it will start..
did u get a new spark plug yet..
what does that lil black thing do anyways, i saw that on my bike the other day and was wondering, is that like a primer to prime the motor like u do on a lawnmower or weedeater?
That little black button is a primer,you only need to pump it 3 or 4 times.
Never mess with the kill switch so its ok. Tried to pull start as well with no luck. Again, only notice the backfire when the choke is all the way out. Will try the new plugs. Does anyone have the gap measurement handy?
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