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wont shift

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i have a formen 450 s and it is stuck between gears. does any one have any pointers to help me out. thanks
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did this just happen all of a sudden? any other info would help out. It could a number of things. Look on the front of the engine by the front driveshalf, there is a adjustment screw. sometime they freeze up and requires the front cover to be removed to get it out and working proper. also if thats the case, with the cover off you can inspect some of the other shifting assem. parts.
it took off the cover. now to tale off the cluths and how do i look at the shift forks and gears
teh shift fork and gears all are internal as far as i kno not sure if the same relates to the hondas but on my bike i striped the splines on the shhift shaft and that made me not be able to shift check the splines out on ur shaft
Get your hands on a shop manual Factory or otherwise. There may be something you can do before you take the whole engine apart. I would suggest next removing the rear cover, as I believe there is some linkage under there that may have come loose, or been damaged. Other than that, you have to remove the engine and split the cases.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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