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Won't shift into neutral

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I actually don't own a Honda 450 but my father in law does and his is acting up. He says that some days his 450 won't start up at all because he can't get it into neutral. But, some days it will and works fine. I don't know if temp. has anything to do with it but he thinks it might do better under warmer conditions.

I've researched a little on this forum and I've seen some of the shift problems arise from the angle sensors. Could this be a problem?

Please let me know what yall think the problem is and if it's possible to fix this without taking it into a dealership for maintenance.
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is it an electric shift model? If so, could be the sensor.
Rock it back and forth. Also put it in neutral before shutting it off.
You can also put in a switch to start it in any gear. I use mine all the time.
Sounds like the same problem I had on my Foreman ES. I took the angle sensor off, cleaned it with electrical cleaner and it worked fine ever since.

Thanks a lot for the feedback, and yes it is an electric shift. From reading the forum I figured it was the sensor also. BTW, how do you clean the sensor? My father-in-law may not have a maintenance manual since he got it used so is there anyway you could explain how to get to the sensor?

Question for ForemanDan: How did you install the switch to get it to start in any gear? In case the angle sensor cleaning doesn't work, that might come in handy.

Thanks again.
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