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wont shift down or stuck in gear???

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my foreman wont shift into nuetral, its stuck in 2nd gear, it will shift up but struggls downshifting and when you get down to second it wont go anymore. it acts like it wants to because the machine will jump alittle like always when you shift but it wont click any lower, any help is very appreciated, also when i was riding it seemed like it was in half nuetral and half whatever gear because it was revving high but the power and speed didnt seem right???
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Is it a Rancher 400.. or a Foreman 450..I didn't think they made a Foreman 400. I heard of a Foreman 450 and a Foreman 500.. But not a Foreman 400
You will have to remove the clutch cover on your TRX400FW and check numbers 8 , 11 & 12 .. and the rest of the gearshift parts

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thanks for the info,how will i start it now since its in gear, is it a hard job to get to the clutch??
Some bikes will start in gear if you pull the front brake and try to start. This may be a mod that only the newer bikes come with. I know that the 2003 650 Rincon will not start in gear unless in neutral..unless you pull the front brake lever.. then it will start..
Im also having problems with my honda foreman 450es shifting lower then 2nd gear but when it does shift to 1st ,reverse and neutral then it will not shift to 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
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