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wondering which to buy????

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aight well tax return on its way in the mail. so in the market for new tires. i currently have 27s 589s. right now im lookin into either getting 28 mudzillas, 28 bi-tri claws or step it up with the big boys and get 29.5 outlaws. right now leaning towards the 29.5s. but will need to also buy clutch kit with those tires. already have hmf pipe on order. just wondering some of yer guys opions on this tires. thanks for yer info . or yea i have a foreman 500 forgot to mention that.
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and with the peer pressure in this group are really even considering anything other than the 29.5's?

although I do love my tires, and i like the fact that when we are traveling at speeds greater than 2 miles per hour i can smoke Robb with his 29.5's.

but really the only time we rid efaster than 1st and 2nd gear is out in SE going to and from the drunk tree etc.... and with the 29.5' Robb still beat Gabby so what does that say?

boy am i rambling.... bottom line get the 29.5's, if not then buy my tires and i will get them
lol tru... yea i was pretty sure bottom like is 29.5. id really like to see the mudzillas and outlaws. i havent seen a lot if none of the mudzillas around. but im pretty sure the outlaws would do it. im just waitin on my check to come in the mail to order the laws. $511.00 from highliter. cheapest iv seen so far online. if you ve seen them cheaper let me know. thanks
i dont know what the shipping is for highlifter
The zillas are heavy. I would get the claws before the zillas. But I say go outlaw!!!! Everyone else in the groug has one from a 589/mudbug type tire to the zilla/claw tire then ended up getting the laws. So why take all of the extra steps just go all in.
thats whay i say
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