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wiring for a stereo system

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I need a little advise...

I want to add a custom stereo system for my foreman.

Is there any way for me to hook the power from the head unit to a cigarette lighter plug to plug into the accessory port?

I would like this to be removable and also transferrable to other bikes.

Someone told me that the stereo unit needed to be grounded somehow, i have no idea how or why.

I just have a basic sony deck with cd player. Two 6 1/2" marine grade speakers. I was just going to mount it up in an old cooler or something where you can lift the lid and change cd's without it getting wet.

i'm a goober when it comes to wiring so could soemone please advise me of how to do this? or give me some ideas....

thanks as always
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Couldn't you use a standard cigarette plug adapter?? This would supply power as well as ground.. just like the inside of the vehicle. This way, just unplug it and be gone... You could also run it from the cigarette plug down the frame to the rear where the cooler is and put a quick disconnect to make it easier and faster.. Just a thought..

The center is the positive and the side is the ground on the cigarette plug.

so it will be grounded....if i use that plug.

i have a wiring harness for the deck, i should just be able to run the power and the ground to the plug...hopefully.
its a complex head unit with different colored light settings and stuff.
it was free so i can't really complain

i was going to mount it on the front rack and just have the plug coming out the side of the cooler. i haven't done anything like this before so i am kind of cautious.

i'll give a try next weekend and see what happens.
I have tested the plug before with a test light and if I touched the sides, the light would not come on...When I touched the inside bottom ( the very back center ) the light would come on. I used to run my headlamp on my airboat to the cigarete plug and it worked great.. You can get the generic plugs from Auto Zone or Discount Auto. These come with a housing that you can unscrew to get to the wires. Just remember the bottom is hot and the sides are negative...You wll be fine as long as you are running 12 volt, it will be no problem...

You may want to solder (sp) it for a better connection. It's easy, you will be fine..
I doubt that you'd be happy with the CD player on the bike. You might wish to check this out:
<a href="" target="_blank"> ... highlight=</a>
By the way, if you are running a radio, you may have to hook a constant hot up somewhere so you can keep your pre set channels....
i have an ipod

i have an ipod...i may try to hook it up to the existing speakers that i have to see how loud i can get it....i mess with it and see.....

but if i can use just my ipod and a few adapters and it works then i would free up my accessory plug... i'll try it later on today

i'll post up what i find out...
Here is a company that is making the cooler stereos, they also sell just the small amp. I don't think you are going to get much sound just from hook the ipod up to speakers, unless they are powered.
Do us all a favor and buy some headphones!!

Sorry, couldn't resist. I personally do not see the point. I go into the woods to get away from all that crap, but then, that's just my point of view on me old fashioned!
I agree seltzer. Since when has music been so dang important. I love technology and i-pods are really cool but I just don't get it.
QUOTE ("seltzer":36irsisq)
Do us all a favor and buy some headphones!!

Sorry, couldn't resist. I personally do not see the point. I go into the woods to get away from all that crap, but then, that's just my point of view on me old fashioned!
sometimes it would be nice to listen to the race or some tunes while sipping on a few coldies. with the hmf it is anything but peaceful and quiet when we are riding.
To each his own, I guess!

Here in IL, our city has a noise law for stereo systems, and the penalty is vehicle seizure!!

Nothing wrong with listening to some music while taking a break....what I fear is these kids jamming out while riding, making us all listen to the God Awful crap they call music.

What I fear is this....since our hobby already has a bad reutation for tearing up land, people hearing these guys radios and what-not will not tolerate it and eventually the land-owners will close the parks and tracks we ride.

Not to get holier than thou, but please show some dignity and respect for others while riding...that is all I am saying.
............whatever blows your hair back

i have actually just gotten around to the final design of the stereo that i am building. i found the perfect box and speakers, and just found a head unit.

as soon as i can test it out to make sure that it works, i will gladly give out the plans to anyone who wants them.

everything seems so easy right now in the planning stage, but if it works is another story.

btw, mine will be water tight, and use marine waterproof speakers.
im wanting to get a box for the Foreman and water proof speckers but the only box i have found is rather expensive and some good waterproof seakers with head is also a lil steep
Wow do you guys really think these guys are going to get enough volume to get kicked out of parks or cause any kind of problems like said above??? I'm with most of you and go to the woods and ride to get away from all of the crap from day to day. Where I ride and the kind of riding I like to do a radio would not last long anyway. We always go back to the truck after a while, you can catch up on the race or the game then. Who can afford to take a chance with an iPod on a fourwheeler anyway?

well i am using an ammo can from a surplus store, it's sealed up tight.

where we ride it is just out in the middle of the woods and we usually get stuck sitting there waiting for the old folks to catch up, or waiting for them to tackle a big hole that i just went through.

i have a head unit out of my buddies truck that plays mp3's so i can just make a cd and put a few hundred songs on it.

and besides, when i tackle the biggest hole out there and no one else can get through (non-honda's) i will enjoy playing a little theme song as i pull out the yamaha's and kawasaki's with my foreman.
yeah, you can use the acc. outlet. i've done it on my bike and it works well. do you have any pics of your speaker box?
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