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just wandering if anybody was gonna be in windrock this weekend i know we got bout 15 going with us... i have never been and lookin forward to it!
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If I didn't have to work i would make it. Make sure and pick up a map at the trail head, there only 6 bucks. If you have never been there then check out Trails 22, 1, 16, 18, 26, 27. T16 has gotten a little rough right now due to all the atv's and rain from the jamboree, some ruts going up some of the hills on it. Pay attention to the difficulty level for each trail they are usually pretty accurate. Be safe & have FUN!
me and dirtyrider and 4 others will be heading up thereleaving on the 27
dano, how long you stayin there for? Do you need helmets there, is there water to ride, mud?
so what about the mud and water, me and some friends are planning on coming down this summer for a weekend, and i'm hoping tos ee some bogs, can't let all the sport bikes have all the fun
There are a few play (mud) areas but not many. I know of one right off hand that has some really deep mud. Pick up a map at the trail head, if the trailer is not open go down to the Snack Shack which is on the other side of the lower parking area. Take Trail 22 (which begins at the parking lot) and stay on it till the end. You will come up on a gravel road which should be G5 on your map, hang a left and go maybe 100 yards and on your right will be some good deep muddin. Also go up Trail 2 or T2 on your map and about 50 yards before the start of T16 there are some very deep holes on your right.
thanks for the tips, i'll be sure to check those out on our trip
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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