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Winch ?

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Just a quick question does any one know why the 2500 LB GORILLA Pro Series is only 80.00 with all the mounting hardware on Ebay . The warn is 400.00 and I know you always get what you pay for. So I guess my question is, does anyone use this winch and is it junk or just a good value? Thanks Chris
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Check out the Venoms too. Don't buy anything less than 3000lbs.
Read somewhere the 2500 and under had plastic gears, most all brands. I've got the gorilla 3000 and no problems as of yet, used it 4 or 5 times. the mounting was a pain, the gorilla mount plate needs some tweeking to fit rite and you have to rotate the motor 180 degrees so the hot lead does not hit the fender brace. Not a bad price, after all they are ALL disposable eventually!!
My llder 2500 lb Warn has plastic gears. I striped them out once and for 30 bucks I was back in business. I wasn't too happy when I took it apart to find plastic gears, but the replacement was cheap enough not to worry about it for too long.
i have a warn 2.5ci and it got all metal gears in it. great winch no problems always pulls me out and i use it all the time.
Yes, the Warn 2.5ci is a great winch...

aaanma666 might u know where i can find brushes (the little things attached to the motor and has springs on them, im not quite sure if thats what u call them, i heard some people call them that) for it.

Mine are currently damaged and i am not sure where i can get these.
no sorry i don't know, i would check with warn though you could probably call them and find out. the only reason mine was apart was for a good cleaning and greasing.
Ok, thanks.

I have looked on the Warn Website and they didnt have the part i needed, listed in there parts list.
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