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I got an 06 and Warn 30RT. It comes with the wired remote and works like a champ. I blew my Dads 2500lb Warn away one day when we were pulling out one of his metal clothesline poles out of the ground. Impressed us alot seeing that his was just 500lb smaller than mine. His gave up way before mine, but only gave up when it stripped those little plastic gears in the housing. Warn's, yes, are expensive, but are there anytime you need them like a good friend. The 30RT or XT will put a smile on your face everytime you use it. Everyone will be envious of you everytime they see it working. I got the winch plate and winch for $465 from back in Feb. I couldn't find anyone to beat that price. IM me if you would like to know how I did it all by myself. If you follow the instructions you will need help putting everything back together.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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