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New to the forum, so I apologize for repeat questions.

Just purchased a new 2006 Foreman 500 and would like to add a winch.

What brand and size?

Install Tricks?

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My warn 2.5 in the front does great. I also have a gorilla in the rear that is a 3500lbs. They both work great and have plenty of power. The gorilla does spool in alot slower, but does get the job done. Hope that helps a bit. The front install is pretty straight forward, and comes with instructions. Good Luck
3000# Venom here and was an easy install. Just make sure you get a heavy duty mounting plate.

Here is a good write up on installation too:
I wouldn't go any smaller than a #3000
well i see he has a foreman so he doesnt plan to ever get stuck, so he will use it to get other people unstuck...i looked at it like this when i made my decisin...gorilla/venom/viper/xtreme i think all have the same stats for the most part and look exactly the same cept the lil metal badge they stick on it, now if u go to ramsey or warn i hear those are a little better but usually are at least 1.5 times more than a gorilla or whatever else...i am personally buying a gorilla2500 with 50' bluesteel rope, a mounting plate, and a few other little things for like $250...not to bad, and when ever that one goes out i will just end up getting another cheap one that will last just as long as the expensive one will

thats my opinion on the topic
I have had a 2000 superwinch , garbage... stay away from it, also owned a warn 2500, I found it underpowered..... Then I bought the cosco cheap champion 2500lb and it worked great for 60.00

hope this helps, everyone will have thier own opinion
Where did you get your Foreman fron new guy?

"I am considering buying a winch also. I was considering either a new discontinued warn 3.0 ci or the new warn 3.0 rt. I like that the warn 3.0 winches are sealed and come with a lifetime warrenty. The warn 3.0ci comes with a wired remote, while the new warn 3.0 rt comes with a wireless remote. Anyone have have experience with either of these winches?

thanks in advance,
I have a Ramsey 2500 with a wireless remote. I have not had any problems with it plus the wireless remote is VERY nice.
Thank you guys for all the information. This will help alot.

You guys have a forum with really knowledgable people who post.

I bought my 06 500ES at an Ohio Honda delivership that has some left over model years.

Paid $4495 so I think I got a fair deal.

One thing I have noticed from reading this site, I have alot of changes to make to my quad to catch up with you all.

The only thing I have done so far is, I took the racks off and had LineX applied to them. I figured it was $50 dollars well spent.

Thanks again and I look forward to being on the site.
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Congrats on the new'll like it
I got an 06 and Warn 30RT. It comes with the wired remote and works like a champ. I blew my Dads 2500lb Warn away one day when we were pulling out one of his metal clothesline poles out of the ground. Impressed us alot seeing that his was just 500lb smaller than mine. His gave up way before mine, but only gave up when it stripped those little plastic gears in the housing. Warn's, yes, are expensive, but are there anytime you need them like a good friend. The 30RT or XT will put a smile on your face everytime you use it. Everyone will be envious of you everytime they see it working. I got the winch plate and winch for $465 from back in Feb. I couldn't find anyone to beat that price. IM me if you would like to know how I did it all by myself. If you follow the instructions you will need help putting everything back together.
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