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looking for a good winch to put on foreman 500
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I have a Warn 2.5 and I've not had a single problem with it.
warn 2.5 suck. i had one on my foreman and i got stuck in a hole and stripped the gears and it took a tractor and a rubicon with a 3.0 warn to get me out and 3 hours later. so i say a warn 3.0
Go with the gorilla 3K. The best bang for your buck. I have had mine for a while and use the **** out of it. Seriously, go with it and you wont be disapointed, especially if you have to replace for whatever reason, the customer service is awesome. Best I have ever seen.
or the gorilla 3500 is all metal like the warn 3.0
gorilla is like 159 on ebay if i remember right
Just because you got stuck in that little puddle you call a mud hole and stripped you gears doesn't mean the 2.5 Warn isn't any good. Mabey you can post that pic one more time so some of the "Florida Crackers" can look at it and get a good laugh
ok wat little hole u calin a puddle cuz if u want to bring ur foreman up after a rain and go through it and make it i give u a pat on the back.
Load up and come to Florida I'll take you to S.E. and you wouldn't make it past the mud holes by power lines if that was a bad hole. Or we could go to Holy Land and you could get stuck 50ft. from the truck with those mud lites. Mabey River Ranch when the entire place is under water even the camps.
if i had the extra cash to come down there i whould. if a u will b there to pull me out.. and i whould at least try to keep up with ur laws.
I dunk my winch in the mud and water when I ride. I also wash it off with the pressure washer and Formula 88 and never have had a problem. Mabey you just got a bad winch. I know another person who has had their Warn for 2 yrs. and haven't had any problems either.
if i got a bad one o well my next one will be a 3.0 warn or a 3500 gorilla. i olny gave 250 for my 2.5 warn from the local shop and sold it a year later and rebuild for 275
If you got stuck in a hole that took a tractor to pull you out of chances are no winch would have pulled you out. And I cant belive you are actualy talking smack about a Warn.
ya im talkin smack bout a warn 2.5
What a great imformative posts. I have a Warn 2.5 and NO troubles so far , My advice is go with a brand name and get some synthetic rope as well . I hear it last alot longer and won't break. Or if your not sure go with the one on sale.
ok guys thanks
Check out the MILE MARKER winches,I have the 2500 LB. and so far so good.It's foreign made,is the WARN made in U.S.A.?
there is also venom, gorilla, mile marker. warn. ramsey
as far as im concerned WARN makes the best, especially the 2.5, its a affordable price and it works awsome.
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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