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Has anyone used the Venom or Gorilla winch? I am looking a buying a new winch, and for the money these two look interesting
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my brother has a gorilla on his foreman but i put it on for him. the mount is pretty #!%, nothing lined up and there is only 2 bolts holding the winch to the mounting plate. we just drilled more holes in it to mount it. but it is really slow and the wires that come with it were not long enough to reach the back where everyone mounts the selinoid, so i mounted it on the mounting plate with the winch but you wont be able to do that becasue the radiator will be in the way and the wires are a lighter gauge then a warn which is what i have. but besides that it mounts right up. when i put mine on it took like an hour his took like 5 to do. really frustrating but it does pull him out when he gets stuck
when you spend 3-6k on quality quad why on earth would go cheap on something that just might save that 3-6k quad!
Well foyota86, in my experience higher priced does not mean higher quality. Why pay $300 for a product that a $150 product is just as good, if not better.
I would agree with that, but at the same time "You get what you pay for". That is why I am driving a Honda instead of an off-brand quad and put a Ramsey winch instead of an off-brand on my Honda. I just do not understand why people worry about 100-200 dollars when most on this site just spent 3-6 thousand on a machine?
I see your point about "Get What You Pay For". I don't do a lot of "bogging" or anything so I don't use a winch very often at all. Most of the time we just pull each other out, I just can't see paying that much for something I may use a few times a year. Also because of that 4,000 dollar Rubicon is why I can't afford an expensive winch lol! If I was going to use it a lot I would go ahead and pay for a Warn, but I have been reading up on some of the others and they seem to be performing well. So I was thinking of giving them a shot. Besides, for $200 it might be worth trying something new. If we never tried anything new, we would still be on 300 4x4's
ok we will agree to disagree. you know sometimes I wish I had an old 300! check other forums (highlifter) on winches and get some more thoughts.
I was reading Highlifter today on them. I was also looking at the Ramsey, you said you had one on yours. Any problems?
Very happy with the Ramsey 2500 wireless! 2 years old and ride in a lot of water no problems. kind of a pain on the wireless install but highly recommend it.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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