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i got a new winch for free and since the parts manger is my friend he gave me a winch mount but my question is i got the wires off of an old bigbear and i took off the rollers from there old winch and will the old rollers from the bigbear fit the foreman? i dont see any where i could put it. the winch came with no wires but im not complaining it was free (warn 2500).

another thing when i took the wires off the big bear it had a red wire running to the key switch and i could not take it off sooooo i left it!!
i think that wire made it where the key had to be on for the winch to work is that what yall think?
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I had one small red wire with mine and it is wired from a hot wire when the ignition switch in the on position. It is a small red wire for the provided switch that powers the forward/reverse switch for the winch. It sends the power to the relay that the main power is used to send the large wires to the winch. I wired mine using the wire that supplies the 12v power plug on side of Foreman, which is hot when the ignition switch is in on position.
i put a mini toggle switch on my Foreman 500, it supplies power to the Warn mini rocker switch. Instead of hooking it up to the wire harness on my bike i just ran a "Fused Hot" wire to the mini toggle switch, and from there to the Red wire on the Warn Mini Rocker.

But thats just so i would cut or splice into my factory wiring harness.
You should be able to use the roller fairlead, they are all the same size. As for wiring your winch, I would run the red wire to your switch so you only have power to it when the switch is on. If you don't have any wiring for the winch itself, I would go to an electrical supply store and get some 4 gauge wiring, I know they usually use 6 gauge but with 4 your winch won't have to work quite as hard and you'll have less heat build up too.

thanks for the info
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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