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bought the viper it has a 6 month warrenty & it came with the mounting kit info for others that read this:
rated line pull 3000 lbs.
motor 1.1 hp sealed
control mini handlebar switch
gear train differential planetary (all metal gears)
clutch free spoll
brake dynamic & mechanical
weight 20lbs
battery 12 amp/hour min
line speed (3000 lb pull) 7 feet per min
batttery draw (3000lb pull)-170 amps
gear ratio 153:1
parts are available
got mine with the amsteel blue line(40 feet)(5400lbs) inplace of the wire cable
cost $211.00 to my door (e-bay)
i will list any & all problems for others to veiw as i use it
so far only used once. install was easy & i put the contactor under the seat.

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I have the Venom 2500 on my 05 Foreman 500 that I got off of Ebay and it has worked great the 3 times I have needed it. Had some problems with the mounting bracket, did not want to line up right, I got it to go thou and it works and looks great.

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<a href="" target="_blank"> ... cb2fc65f80</a>

$229.95 free shipping.. i love mine!!

This winch features:

Limited two year warranty
3-stage planetary gear system for fast line speed, free spooling
Automatic load-holding brake
Power in and power out. 12 ft hand-held remote
3,500lb. rated single line pull
261.8:1 gear reduction
2HP permanent magnet motor
Drum size: 1.5" Dia x 3.2" length
Cable supplied: 1/4" x 45' aircraft cable
Mounting bolt pattern: 1.9" x 3.07"
Overall dimensions: 13.47" x 4.22" x 4.3"
Net weight: 22.05lb.
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