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has anyone ever heard of or used a venom winch. i need a winch but i dont want to spend $350 for the warn. ebay has a 2500# venom winch with everything you need to install it and a mount for the 500 foreman for $120+32 for shipping not a bad deal if it works good. let me know what you guys think. only a 30 day limited warranty
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That winch is pretty big I would think that would take a custum mounting plate if it would fit at all. Do you really need one that big, if so go for it you will definately never stall it out.
Did yall have to do anything special to make it fit in the frame, I had always heard that they were too big to fit. Guess you can't always belive what you hear. I know that if I was choosing between the 2 I would pick the 3k sealed and stronger
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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