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Winch wiring problems

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We got my winch all mounted, all the wires ran everything hooked up and when I go to put the + wire on the battery I get SPARKS. All the wires are right, my friend that's helping me is a certified electric forklift technician. We just can't figure it out. It even sparks if the wires going to the winch are not hooked up to the winch. What on earth could it be?????
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Is this the cable going from battery + to the contactor?Do you have all the wires hooked up correctly at the contactor?If your getting sparks something is grounded that shouldn,t be.
I got an email from the place I got it from. They said the short wires go to the winch and the long wires go to the battery. We have it the other way. It sure seams like it should be this way. When you set it up it fits this way. The wiring for the swich on the handle bars is long enough to reach back to the battery. Wiring it the way he said don't make sense. There will be way to much wiring for the swich on the handle bars. If switching them around dont fix it they are going to send me a new cable and connector box. All the wiring is already set up in a water proof box due to the wireless remote. I'm crossing my fingers!
Good luck! let us know how it works.
I read the instructions today after work and it shows the short wires going to the winch ! Someday I will learn to read the instructions FIRST!
I finally got the chance to wire up my winch right. And it WORKS!!!
Any thoughts on why one cable would make it work and the other one wouldn't?? It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.
No we could not figure out why it would not work. There must be something in the box that has to be that way. Maybe it's because of the remote? I don't know.
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