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winch size

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what size winch are you guys running on your foreman's? i am seen a superwinch atv model at Fleet Farm 1700 pounder for 124.99 and a 2000 pounder at Sam's club for 69.99 has anybody had or know anyone with these? any input would be great
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If I bought one it would be the Mile Marker 2500. (usually under $200). 1700 is just not strong enough.

Most of the time it is quicker to hook a strap and tow it out or get off and push the quad out. That is why I hesitate to buy one.

I wheel by myself abit because of my work schedule so I keep a boat trailer winch with me in my pack, there good for 2000 pounds and if i am feelling lazy, i just throw in a cordless drill with a socket adapter to fit the bolt on the handle, wa la electric winch... works like a champ.
cost of winch and battery powered drill, 75.00
Me and all my riding buddys use the WARN 2.5ci. Awsome pull power ,sealed switch block and mini in/out rocker switch. Mounts easy on the bike and you can get mounting instructions off there web site
Mile Marker Winch

I just bought a mile marker 2500lb for my foreman and love it. It is very quiet, metal gears, and 2 year warranty. I bought a warn mini rocker switch that plugs right into the contactor box. You can get them from for $200. I also bought a custom mounting plate for the foreman 500. Check them out @
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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