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winch rope

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I already have a AMSTEEL blue winch rope.. but i couldnt resist... i went ahead and got another one,, but its grey and made my Master Pull

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Wow, looks great!!!

I thinking of buying one for mine I have the warn 2500 but I am plowing
snow with it, do you think it should be okay ?? I have roller flairhead!


it should be ok.. i have had mine for about 2years i think. it outlasted a warn A2000 and its now on my milemarker, and its scraped against trees, rocks and dug in the gravel way too many times, its showing a small sign of wear but its still holding up. and for 2years on hause fairleads i dont think a steel cable would have held up this good!! but for about $46 i dont think its too bad...
if i were you i would get one before they go up in $$ again,, the amsteel i got it only cost $30 shipped brand new, now they are up to about $50??
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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