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winch quit working

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I have a 3500lb Venom winch and it was working just fine. I used it several times and had no problem with it. I cleaned my bike all up and put it in my shed went back several weeks later to ride it and it had a loose connection on the battery. i tightened it up and it would only winch out. It would not winch in at all. I got mad and just left. Come back a week later and it doesnt work at all. I checked all the connections and they seem to be good and tight. Please HELP!!!!!!!!! Thanks
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I would check the relay block, and the switch. You could also put the cables directly from the winch to the batt to see if anything happens. Just becareful. If it does not work with direct power, chances are that the brushes in the motor are bad or gummed up.
four dig

how do i tell if the switch is bad
switch wires

should a test light light up when i touch the wires coming from the switch where they connect to the relay block
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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