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winch question

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this may be a stupid question but - is there anything special I need to know when replacing a winch cable?
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I don't think so. Just spool it in the same way it was
every thought about using the synthetic rope? I dont have any experience, but have heard nothing, but good things about them.
It's a must if you have little kids around and the cable snaps. I just got mine but haven't had a chance to use it yet.
I do have a little one around so it sounds like the synthetic rope may be a good idea. Can I use it with a snow plow? Unfortunately the first cable lasted only one week of plowing. Am I missing something in the way I'm using it? I try not to over draw/tighten the winch line when plowing yet it only lasted one week. I also have a roller fairlead...???
doesn't help when you have 14' drifts.....LOL

a synthetic will work a lot better for plowing than your steel one.
I don't know about using it with a plow, they say something about it stretching too much.I'm sure somebody that used it for plow will answer that question. The only reason i got one is because my 2 boys come with me sometime. So safety first. (when there around) Is your wire rope rubbing some where off the rollers.
will I lose any length by going w/ the synthetic rope?
come to think of it the cable could be rubbing on the directional release lever as the plow is raised or lowered. Anyone else had any similar issues? Thoughts on how to remedy the situation?
You use same diameter and length

Hello Rooferdude 7
Go wi th rope it's No1 in my book!!!!
Wire cable pros & cons
No pros!
Cons. cable is dangerous when it gets older. broken strands possibility of snap back! And sliceing your hand open!!!
synthetic rope.
pros & cons.
Pros. it floats! NO risk of snap back! can be wound onto winch any way no need to keep it in layers. If it snaps in two jus tie a reef knot in or splice it back together. when it's mucky put it in a old pillow case and chuck it in the washer!
cons. silght risk of friction burns if it pulls through your hand.
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