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winch question

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I have a warn 2.5 on my foreman I made a multimount for it just for the front so I can take it on and off to keep it out of the mud and water. The wires that came with it were not long enough so I removed them and the only thing that I could find to replace them was 4 guage wire for a welder. I don't know if it is the new placement of the winch or the wires, but she pulls 50% to 75% better than she did before and the motor dosn't seem to get as hot. I was just wondering if anyone thinks the wires could damage the winch.
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The wires shouldn't do any damage to your winch, if you were to go smaller in wire size then you would have a problem. I'm guessing that the wires that come with the winch are the minimum size recommended as it helps keep costs down and makes for an easier install. I believe the original wiring is probably 6 gauge so I don't think going to a 4 should hurt it any.
thanks you set my mind at ease
I'm no electrician but have done some electrical work and work with a lot of electricians and the larger the wire the better as there is less resistance thru the wire and less heat across the wire. Also larger wire insures no restriction of amperage to motor which is much better. Can't say the wires that came with winch is a problem, but larger wire should never cause a problem for sure.
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