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Winch question

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I recently bought a "winch upgrade kit" from Venom Products on Ebay

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Where did you mount the contacter?? The ONLY place I could find was on the lower, front frame between the bumper tubes and behind the skid plate. I don't think it's a good spot and would like ideas on a better place. It's on a 2005 Foreman TM. BTW, it DOES work fine but I'm worried that it's too exposed and liable to get wet all the time. [/url]
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What about the little compartment on the fender, mine stays fairly dry? I have no idea how big that thing is, Im pretty clueless when it comes to winches.
I thought about that, but it's a bit large and I hate cutting holes in the body to run the wires. It's about 4" long x 2 1/2 " wide and 2" tall.
Contactor location

I mounted mine in the storage box on the front fender! I just drilled a hole in the right side of the box to run the wires through. Then I put silicone around the hole to make sure water and mud do not get in. From the box the wires run through the hole in the fender where the fender brackets are located, then to winch. Everything works out perfect! The contactor box fits perfect in there, just put some velcro on bottom to keep from moving. Want pictures just reply and I will take some.
I just picked up one of thier winches for a friend and installed it on a Wolverine. It installed nice and the winch appears to work good. I felt the switch was a little cheap, but worked fine. The one thing I really like was the winch mounting plate, I thought it was well made and fit perfect.
I dont like drilling hole either but i broke down and did. It turned out alot better than i expected. Just take your time and use black selant and you will never notice it.
I mounted mine under the seat where the emissions sticker is on the foreman 450. I don't know if there is any room under the seat on the 500.
Here's where Honda recommends mounting them ..

Would it be a good assumption that the Ranchers mount the same way ?? I have a 2001 and 2005 that I'm doing this weekend. If so I'll just use the same pictures that are here.
I have a 04 450 es, put the contactor where the factory snorkle was, worked out fantastic. Two small holes and screwed it right to the frame, nice and solid.
Got them ALL mounted on the toolbox. Fits fine and only had to extend the wires on the 05's. Thanks for the replies and suggestions.
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