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winch problems

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i went to use my winch today hit the rocker switch and all that happened was the solenoid would just click. anybody got any ideas of what the problem could be. the winch is a ramsey 2500
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Would have to check to see if electricity is getting to the winch. If not would need to trace back from winch to relay or to battery. Could be any of the above. If power is to winch, problem lies in winch. If power to relay and not past the relay, it could be the relay itself. If lack of power to relay, it would be from electrical source. The click sound is the power that goes to the relay from the switch itself and is closing the contacts to supply main power to winch. Only way to tell is to check with a tester.
I would first check to see if all the connections are tight. A loose connection might have enough contact to close a relay, but not enough to drive a winch motor. It has happened to me with my starter before.
As stated above. Check the connections first, that is the simplest thing to do. I had a Warn 2.5 do the same thing. It had to pull the winch motor apart to clean it out. water and sand had got in to the motor head, corroding it and eventually locked it up. after gettin it cleaned out and spinning free it worked fine. If you ride a lot of water you should run the winch in and out and the end of the day to heat it up, to dry any water in it and clean the winch cable.
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