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winch problems (new Milemarker)

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Got my new Milemarker winch from Cabela's.They had the best price plus i had a gift certificate.Well,I went to install it and one of the mounting holes doesn't have threads in it,part of the housing is broken where the threaded nut goes.I called Cabela's and they told me they would send me the parts to fix it.I'd rather not mess with all that,Would three bolts be enough to hold it?
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I have seen some of the cheaper winch only useing two bolts to hold it to the mount. IMO I would go ahead and fix it right to eliminate problems further down the road.
My Milemarker has three bolt holes just below the spool. That is how I bolted mine to the winchplate. You can call Milemarker directly and ask for the tech support guys. They can help you as well.
Yeah,I think I'll call Milemarker myself tomorrow.It does seem O.K. with just three bolts,but it's something that's always on my mind.The winch works excellent,I locked the park brake and drug the 500 uphill with me on it.I was impressed. I was disappointed when I saw the "made in china" sticker on the box.
How hard is it to take the winch apart? The piece that is broken is the housing that is between the motor and the spool.
I haven't had to take mine apartso I can't honestly tell you. Most come apart on the ends so you do not have to pull the spool out. Depending on what is broken of course.
I going to say the he!! with it for now and leave it the way it is.I'm so tired of being left on hold and talking with someone who doesn't know what I need . I asked to just send me a complete winch since this one was obviously broken when it was put in the box,but was told thay could only send me the needed parts.
That's strange, I've always had superior luck with Cabela's; not a better store out there in my opinion. Just take the whole works back to them, get reimbursed and purchase a new one. That winch will probably end up in the bargain cave and you might be able to buy it for .50 on the dollar for a backup.
I called Cabela's customer service first and they called Mile Marker.I thought they would just send me another one,but Mile Marker told the Cabela's rep that they could only send the required parts.
Call Milmarker directly. I forgot the guy's name, but I think its James and John. Don't talk w/ him. (I would put $$ on that's who Cabella's spoke with.) Ask for the other guy in service he is very helpful. They will send you a FED EX pick up ticket for the parts you need to get replaced if not the whole winch. LUkily for me they are only a couple hrs from me so delivery is very quick.
i got the 2500 lb and when i hooked it up the selinoid only worked on in so i called them monday morn told them the prob and got a work order # and mailed it out and got it back by fri also told them they were the only winch i truste dcause i beet the crap outa the ones on our hmvees and the on i put on my jeep i think telling them i was military did the trick
Hey man, how much did you pay for that winch?? i hope you didnt pay 190!!
I ordered my buddy one for $108 Milemarker 2500.

I just got my new Milemarker in,,, 3500lb. $202
Where did you order one for $108?
let me find my reciept and ill post back up.
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