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Winch Problem Again...?

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Hi All.

I have recently tooken apart my winch, Again.

I have found out that the brushes, i think thats what they call them (its the little things with the spring on them, in the motor) have been damaged.

I guess its because of me not installing the motor right.

Does anyone know the part numbers for these things or where abouts to get them.

And the winch is a Warn 2.5ci.

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is that site 100%% safe.?
i don't want to take any risks.
and are there any other sites that i may get winch parts from.?
He was helping you out, if you don't think it's secure than find your own.

Ya, sorry. I have had many experiences of being scammed on the internet. Just thinking he might have bought stuff from that site and might know.

Do you by chance know any sites that i may get parts from.?
Haha, ok thanks.
you would think with a big name like warn that security wouldn't be a problem.
oh ya, the parts are so expensive, just got my motor end cap thing for it. It cost me $$120.

The winch works great guys. Thanks for the help.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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