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Winch Power for switch

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Hello, I'm installing a new Venom winch on my 03' Rincon and wanted to know if anyone has suggestions for the power lead that goes to the switch? It says to connect it to a switched wire but everything is wrapped so tight that I dont want to cut it all open to try and find a lead. If anyone has suggestions I would appreciate it. Everything else is done. Thanks.

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I woul drun it directly to the battery. I know it would "live" all the time. But I had a problem with mine not getting enough amprage to pull the contactor in when I jumped it to the acc. plug. After running it to the battery I have had no probs. If it bothers you, you could always put a switch in line to turn the power off when its not needed.
Thanks, I thought about that but wasnt sure if it would drain the battery or not. I feel better knowing someone thats done it. I did connect it to a wire that I found earlier. The voltage of the wire was off a little from the battery and nothing worked. So I hooked a jumper direct to the battery just to test it and it worked. I think tomorrow thats what I'll do. Thanks again.
pull power from accessory plug
Hey Eric, Thats what I was initially going to do but I can't figure out how to get the plastic off the top of the handlebars to get to the back of the acc plug. I dont want to break it. If you know how to get that off I appreciate the help. Thanks.

Also, I left a post in the Rubicon Section about Front Brakes if anyone has any knowledge of them. Thanks for the help.

whats happening with your front brakes?
I don't want to get confusing, the brake problem is on my 04' Rubicon. Here is what I posted in that forum:

Hello, I'm about to take apart the front brakes on my 04' Rubicon. My question is my Hydraulic front lever has nothing, it goes all the way to the grip. I've bled it several times and am confident theres no air at this point. I just purchased this machine and was told that new shoes were just installed, which I'm doubting now , and that it was air in the line. So I tried adjusting the front adjusters and noticed that one would only turn 2-3 clicks either way and all the others seemed to move fine. Im going to pull it apart to check the cylinder but if I need to change one am I supposed to change all? Also, when I take this apart I've read that I need to replace the 4 bolts? Can I just Loctite these or is there some other reason to replace? Finally is it also a good Idea to replace the water/dust seal or is that also only if its bad or damaged. I appreciate any help before I do this. Also if I should know anything else that may help please let me know.

One thing to add - The Master cyl seems fine, it will hold if pumped 3-4 times.


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So, this is what I did for reference. I went direct to the battery and installed an inline 15amp fuse, then I ran a switch about 6 inches from the battery. My thought is this, why power it when I dont need it. The fuse is mainly in case somehow the wire gets a short, I won't know until I flip the switch and the fuse will protect it. I decided to make a 6' wire with alligator clips and put it into the tool kit, in case that wire blows and I'm stuck out there I can by-pass it to get unstuck. I think I covered all bases?? If I missed one you can bet its what will happen to me the first time.
One more thing, on the brakes. I ordered the disc brake conv kit from Xtreme. I'm hoping its worth the $$ ?? Anyone have any knowledge of it?
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