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Winch Plate Mount Kit...

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I registered here a while back with the intention of posting, but was side-tracked around the time I actually got my Foreman.

Anyway, it's a 2007 Camo 500FM. The first 2007 model of anything they got where I work at the local dealership.

I bought a Warn 2.5 and a winch plate mount kit, that I was told would fit. On the box it says 05-06, and since it was brand new, I figured it would be the same, and it would work on 07's.

Not true. The front bumper (the whole big metal bar piece) is slightly different. The four points on it that connect to the front end (kind of forms a square facing it head-on) connect to the bumper differently. The arms on the 05-06 bumpers that connect to the frame are round tubing. My 07 has a channel type shaped like l__l if you lay it down.

Obviously, it's simply a case of year model difference, but Warn does not make a mount kit for the 07 models yet and was wondering if anyone knew a way around it. The problem is that the U-bolts will not reach around the channel shaped steel. The lip on the arm also makes it too wide for the back of the winch plate. U-bolts wouldn't really work anyway, because it would crush the arm. I'm sure it's weaker than the tubing... but Honda seems to be getting cheap lately anyway. 2007 models lost a tailight, and with a few other cost cutting procedures the MSRP went up $150.

So, if anyone knows a solution to this problem please let me know, and let it be known to those of you with 2007 models that it won't fit.
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for the channel tubing, just get a broom handle and slide it in and tighten the u-blots on the handle. that is what i used to do when i had my rubicon for my gun racks. could you just modify the bracket by drilling different holes so it will mount on your bike? if that will work that will proubly be the easiest way to make it fit. hope this helps.
I'll have to look at it closer tomorrow, but where it should mount the arm is too tall, and the u-bolt won't even reach through the mount plate. And from my memory I don't think relocating the holes will work. I'll just have to look tomorrow. It's hard to explain really. I prefer having a genuine fit, but I have no qualms about making it fit.
well, how much is a new front from Honda. Would it be justified? I'll look and try and find part/price. Be right back.
^ Didn't think of that. Unless they changed something on the frame (I highly doubt) it should fit with no problem...

Not sure on price, but I can say that being a Honda employee helps.
pipe (front) (NH456M)................$98.85

Seems like an inexpensive fix. Part # is for a 2006 TRX500FE
Appreciate it... Only thing is I think is that my bike is camo, which means it's all black painted... and the grey bar would look a little silly. But if one of the Rubicons had that black bumper it may work. Frame is probably different though.
By an amazing streak of luck, I already have my winch on as of today.

I took the old mount plate back to where I work, and it just happened that they recieved some 2007 plates from a company called Savant, and it is far sturdier and heavier built, while 30 bucks more.

I brought it home, mounted, and wired. Mounted the contactor in the trunk. Works perfect.
cool. Savant makes some pretty good stuff, I had Savant stick stoppers on my Cat's and they held up great.
FendrBendr, I am sure glad you got it to work. I'm about to buy a new Foreman 500 in a couple of months. My 1988 300 finally needs replacing. After I read your post about not having a mounting kit I was worried that I may have to wait. Do you know if you have to order that mounting plate through a Honda dealer or can I get it somewhere else. I was thinking of buying and mounting my winch myself if the dealer wanted too much to do it. Thanks
^ Buy one from Savant Mfg. right now so you'll have it when you get the machine
My local dealer told me that they sell Ramsey winches now instead of Warn because they had problems with the Warns causing the battery to drain. Does anyone have pictures of Warns or Ramseys mounted. If mine is installed by a dealer I want to make sure the do it right. The one I saw today looked like the plate was just mounted to the channel iron looking braces and that doesn't look very sturdy.
Your dealer switched to Ramsey because they are cheaper. If my salesman would try and feed me that line of sh!t I would of told them to keep thier machine and walk out the door.
Of course the winch works the battery. It pulls a lot of amps, but just don't get stuck all the time, buy too big a winch, and don't winch with the bike not running and you should be fine.

I chose Warn because I've known of them most my life, and I've heard more about them. As far as I know Ramsey hasn't been around near as long, but I could be wrong.

The plate is mounted to the angle iron, but (on mine) it is also attatched to the frame's downtubes. And let me tell you, it is VERY sturdy. The plate is roughly 1/4 inch steel. The whole thing with the winch plate and winch together weighs around 50 pounds I'd guess. Serious stuff.
Here's my luck with winches, hope it helps you:

01 Kodiak A2000 Warn - No problems
03 Rincon 2500 Ramsey - Rebuild
04 Cat 500i 2500 Warn - No problems
05 Cat V2 2500 Warn - No problems
05 Cat 400i 2500 Warn - No problems
05 Rubicon 2500 Ramsey - Rebuild
06 Foreman 3000 Ramsey - No problems
Thanks guys. I'm gonna make sure that it's primarly mounted to the frame's down tubes and then sits on the channel iron looking braces.

I thought that would make more sense than just being mounted to those braces, what little I looked at it.

Also of the 3 or 4 dealers that have responded to my quote requests, all are using Warn 2500s. Most people I've talked to prefer Warn, but say Ramsey would be their 2nd choice in name brand winches.
I have a ramsey 2500 wireless remote winch and I love it.
No problems so far
Found a place to buy the Savant

<a href="" target="_blank"></a> I just bought mine today. I paid $113, free ship, no tax (TX).
Hey Honda Mechanic, does that mount have the winch actually sittind parallel with the ground and coming straight out? My buddy bought a Foreman 500 w/ a Warn 2500 installed at the dealership and his is mounted angled up and also the roller fairlead is pointed at an angle towards the ground. When his cable is out, it constantly rolls on the top roller because of the angle of the winch. I hate the mount he has. I want one that mounts the winch parallel to the ground and has the roller fairlead and cable coming straight out of the winch, as a normal winch should be sitting. Thanks.
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